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March 31th, 2017 – Christophe BLOT

Christophe Blot is Deputy Director of the Analysis and Forecasting Department at the OFCE (Paris) and a macroeconomist specializing in issues related to  effectiveness of economic policies, economic integration and globalization. He presented his latest paper, co-authored with Paul Hubert and Fabien Labondance, entitled “Does Monetary Policy Generate Asset Price Booms and Busts?”. See also the library...

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march 28th, 2017 – Round table on Universal Minimum Income

Universal income was brought to the forefront by debates around the French presidential election. To  gather all the knowledge in economics on this topic, ERMEES organizes round table to raise key questions: what are the different conceptions of universal income? What is the link between universal income and idleness? between universal income and labor productivity? between universal income and education? What impact on wages? On employment? On public...

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Workshop 2nd ERMEES Macroeconomics Workshop « Heterogeneities in the EU: strength or weakness? » Friday October 13th, 2017, Strasbourg (FRANCE) The University of Strasbourg, the Bureau for Economic Theory and Applications and the ERMEES research team are delighted to announce a one-day macroeconomics workshop to be held on Friday October 13, 2017 in Strasbourg. This workshop aims at providing some perspectives on the macroeconomic issues raised by heterogeneities in the EU, with a special focus on structure, cost and management of these heterogeneities. The main purpose of this workshop is to produce high quality debates and to draw some perspectives on the future of the European...

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November 22th, 2016 – European Meetings of Strasbourg (public conference)

This year again, the ERMEES economists from BETA took part in the 11th RV européens de Strasbourg  which took place during the week of 21 November 2016 on the theme “Europe: where are your values?”, by organizing two events on Tuesday 22 November 2016: a workshop and a general public conference. The general public conference was held at the Faculty of Economics and Management in partnership with the Association of Masters in Economics of Strasbourg (AMES). The European Deputy,  Edouard MARTIN participated in an discussion with the public on “Employment in the EU: how to face international competition? “....

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