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Fifth ERMEES Macroeconomics Workshop 2023

The EU in the Age of Permacrisis December 1, 2023, Strasbourg This workshop provides an opportunity for all those interested in European Macroeconomics to discuss their research and to exchange ideas. Researchers are invited to submit both empirical and theoretical papers that are broadly consistent with the workshop’s special topic. This conference will encourage collaborations between theoretical and applied researchers. The conference is sponsored by:  In particular, we welcome papers related to the following fields in European Macroeconomics: Climate change, environment, and energy crisisDigitalization, automation, and growthPolitical tensions, political macroeconomics and geopolitical risksAssessment of recovery plans, public investment strategiesFiscal policy, public debt...

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GDRE Photos

The 38th Symposium in Money, Banking and Finance was held in Strasbourg, June 2022, co-organized by BETA and GDRE Money Bankinf and Finance. Photos of GDRE can be viewed...

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Fourth ERMEES Macroeconomics Workshop 2021

The European Economy in the Time of COVID-19: Towards a New Dawn? Friday December 3, 2021, Strasbourg The University of Strasbourg, the BETA research laboratory and ERMEES research team are delighted to announce a one-day macroeconomics workshop to be held on Friday December 3, 2021 in Strasbourg. The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in recent history, the ensuing economic crisis has plunged the world economy into disarray and put the European economy to the test. Despite the suffering and the loss of many lives, this crisis is an opportunity to rethink certain aspects of the European project. In the emergency, unprecedented measures have been put...

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