This year again, the ERMEES economists from BETA took part in the 11th RV européens de Strasbourg  which took place during the week of 21 November 2016 on the theme “Europe: where are your values?”, by organizing two events on Tuesday 22 November 2016: a workshop and a general public conference.

The general public conference was held at the Faculty of Economics and Management in partnership with the Association of Masters in Economics of Strasbourg (AMES). The European Deputy,  Edouard MARTIN participated in an discussion with the public on “Employment in the EU: how to face international competition? “. On this occasion, the MEP and former trade unionist presented his vision of employment in a European perspective through various themes of major importance for the future of the EU: competitiveness in the EU, mobility The role of trade unions, the case of ALSTOM ….

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