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Fiscal policy transparency.

Work carried out by the students of Master 2 in Economics : Victor BaratEstelle CampenetEdeline Chopard-dit-JeanAlex GumustasSarah RosenCélia Stammler On December 9, 2022, the Vice President of the European Parliament was arrested with five people for a corruption case regarding the Football World Cup in Qatar. This affair calls into question the transparency of European institutions, but not only. Agents necessarily become more suspicious of opaque institutions, sometimes leading to uncertainty. In particular, we can be interested in the transparency of economic policies, and more precisely in the transparency of fiscal policy. Government transparency: what does it mean? According...

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Next Generation EU: a time-bomb, or a new lease of life?Understanding the EU recovery plan in 5 questions

The European recovery plan, named Next Generation EU, was launched in the heart of the pandemic crisis that began in early 2020. This recovery plan truly represents a project of unprecedented scale in the European construction history. But the EU is a complex thing, difficult to grasp for the uninitiated as the institutional mechanism is so difficult to understand. This recovery plan can be a cornerstone for the future of the European, but can also become the painful indicator of the institutional dysfunctions of the EU. 1. Next Generation EU, what does it mean? Next Generation EU is intended...

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