Georges Sarafopoulos is Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Economics of the Democratic University of Thrace. He is a graduate of the Department of Mathematics of the Aristote University of Thessaloniki (1982), holder of a DEA (Fournier Institute of the University of Grenoble, 1985) and a Doctorate in Mathematics (Claude Bernard University, Lyon, 1993). He has served as a professor at the Académie de Lyon and as a contributor to the Department of Economics and Management at the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg. He also participated in the research and geometry research team URA 746 of the C.N.R.S (1986-1998). His research interests include Geometric Analysis, Dynamic Systems and Game Theory.

Georges Sarafopoulos teach at the Faculty of Economics and Management in Strasbourg on “Nonlinear dynamic systems and some applications to microeconomics and macroeconomics (Interaction between economic agents, dynamic macroeconomics)”. At the seminar, he presents a paper entitled “On the dynamics of a duopoly game with differentiated good”.

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