This year again, the ERMEES economists from BETA took part in the 11th RV européens de Strasbourg, which took place during the week of 21 November 2016 on the theme « Europe: where are your values? », by organizing two events on Tuesday 22 November 2016: a workshop and a public conference.

The workshop entitled « What future for the labor market in the EU?  » took place at the Council of Europe  under the chairmanship of Amélie Barbier-Gauchard, with:

  • Alfonso ARPAIA (Economist, European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, Unit A-3: Country reforms): Labor market and wages in Europe / Heterogeneity of national labor markets
  • Francesco de PALMA (researcher, BETA, Unistra): The impact of trade unions on the effectiveness of economic policies in the euro area
  • Christophe BLOT (Economist, OFCE): What possible options in the EU to fight unemployment?
  • Anne SANDER (MEP, European Parliament): What institutional solutions can be envisaged at EU level?
  • The aim of this workshop was to reflect on the desirable developments in the European labor market, highlighting its originality and focusing in particular on the following questions: How do national labor markets operate in a very different way, EU? What evolutions wait? What are the possible options in the EU to fight unemployment? What is the relevance of introducing a European minimum wage? What about a European unemployment benefit? What role for collective bargaining between the social partners in this European environment? What institutional options are available in the EU?


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